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So sorry!

So sorry everyone for not posting in a really long time. But now I’m back and I hope everyone enjoys it.
On a different note, I am on Howrse! If anyone wants me to be their friend, just comment with your username and I’ll send you a request!


I’ve noticed that a person from my class is posting troll comments. Just so you know: it will not work. You do know that I have the ability to edit any comment as site owner, right? Your efforts are futile. Sqagigoo.

And if I do finally get overwhelmed, I can always update the settings so that you have to be a registered user and log in before commenting. Yep. I get a lot of power as owner of this blog!

P.S. You love annoying your little brother? Cool!

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I can’t help but notice that although my site is getting a lot of traffic, comments are low. To John and Rose, thank you! To others, let me know what you think! All you need to do is click on the little “Leave a comment” button.